“Prototype is worth a 1000 words” – Morewa Fola-Alade (Nigeria)

Yesterday was such an amazing day. We had a class called ‘Prototyping’ were we attempted the ‘Marshmallow Challenge’ and learnt about prototypes and the different types of prototypes. I learnt that a prototype is worth a thousand words, and right before the class my group, the Cheeri-Os, brainstormed about how we could help our primary school. I didn’t  know there were rules on how to brainstorm :p

During prototyping I learnt about time and resource management because my group didn’t maximise our resources to the best of our ability, if we did however, I’m pretty sure we would have won 😀

Later on in the day I learnt how to say some tips for hygiene for children in zulu and how to truly empathise.
I honestly had a very enlightening day and the icing on the cake  was when we watched ‘Blood Diamond’ at night. I was truly stunned. It made me realise how unaware of my surroundings I am, I didn’t know about the severity of the child soldier problem my fellow brothers and sisters were facing in Sierra Leone. I mean we are Africans, we are a family and I was so comfortable in Nigeria, selfishly rejoicing that I have never seen war, I felt like I had betrayed my continent, this just made me want to serve more.
This camp has opened my eyes to so many things I was blind to, and to think we have 2 more weeks to go!

Till the next time 🙂
GSP in the eyes of…

Morewa Fola-Alade


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