Safari Sightings – Travette (USA) & Khadija (Nigeria)

We started the day off bright and early to go visit the Pilanesburg National Park Game Reserve for our Safari adventure. A few hours later, we arrived and split off into different vehicles. For Khadija this was her second Safari, while this would be my first. Once we started driving through the park, we could feel the chilling wind against our layers of clothing . We found the wind blowing through our hair relaxing. We had several animal sightings of deers, pumbas, wild dogs, zebras, giraffes, monkeys, and even a hippo. Whenever we saw an animal, everyone whipped out their cameras to take pictures. My favorite part of the Safari was watching the giraffes eat off the tall trees because it was my first time seeing a giraffe up close. I learned some cool animal facts from my tour guide and the group, like how the elephants follow a matriarch system. Watching the animals go through their day in a place where poachers and hunters are not allowed, made me realize that natural beauty should be protected not just here in Africa, but all over the world.

When our Safari ride came to an end, we boarded the bus for our trip back to the African Leadership Academy. We had a delicious dinner, then it was time for some My Stories. We first heard Fiona’s story of finding her passions in photography and running. We can always find Fiona with a camera in hand documenting the day’s activities or exercising around campus. We greatly appreciate her commitment to taking pictures almost every day. Then, we heard Niki’s story of standing up for herself and following in the shoes of her brother. Afterwards, we watched a video on the Bafokeng Royal Nation. We got more insight on the Royal Nation’s dreams and goals for the community in the future. We can not wait to meet His Royal Majesty on Tuesday.

Until the next time!
In the Eyes of…
Travette Copeland and Khadija Sanusi

USA & Nigeria


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