Back to kindergarten! – Crystal Maung (Burma)

This morning everybody woke up with excitement and energy, hoping to meet their goals of delivering their solutions to the Zandspruit community. We have been busy designing programs to implement at our respective crèches. Have you ever imagined contributing to a community, and being remembered by the citizens? The GSP team was ready to be helpers who will never be forgotten!  In the morning, all GSPers were motivated by learning the stories of two young, inspiring, leaders who will bring peace to the world and change many lives. Before we went to deliver our solutions, we talked about another important part of leadership. That particular aspect is how to measure our achievement in meeting the needs. In order to be able to determine the impact of our ideas, we evaluated our solutions to see whether they would meet the needs that we identified. It was time for us to transform the prototypes into objective contributions.

My fellow students and I, who acted with the energy of bees in a beehive, had only three days to identify the needs and accomplish our projects. This included making board games which educate the children about hygiene as well as basic counting and identifying colors and shapes. We also designed an alternative and enhanced curriculum for the crèche, which included basic spelling and arithmetic. The GSPers acted with passion and empathy when producing their respective projects. We feel that although our contribution has only just been completed, we will be successful in making an impact in the Zandspruit community.

Later in the day the students and faculty participated in a Seminal Reading, where we were given two packets, both relating to our African studies program. In the morning during our Seminal Reading Debrief we will discuss the two stories in terms of literary and emotional significance in terms of our newfound impressions of Africa. It has been another long yet fun day at GSP, and we can only hope for more days such as these as we progress into our closing week. It is my own personal hope and belief that the young leaders whom I have encountered at the ALA will someday, if not soon, influence both small and international communities and change the world for the better.

Till the next time!

GSP 2012 in the eyes of…

Crystal Maung



One response to “Back to kindergarten! – Crystal Maung (Burma)

  1. Hi Crystal Maung thank you 4 the wonderful things you guys did at Ikagend day care in Zandspruit…the GPS 2012 program has done wonders 4 me everything is so beutifull and the kids love the games u made…u guys are the best

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